Sometimes – not too often – my craftiness is just brilliant.

Snack time at my house. It’s pretty much all the time with a toddler – toddlers are always on the move and frequent refueling is necessary to maintain their boundless energy and keep the crabbies at bay.¬† My kid would live on a diet of cheese and fruit (oh, and nurseys), so sometimes I wonder if she’s really getting a “balanced diet.” And since most of what she’s supposed to be eating ends up on the floor or in the dog (and not in the child) I came up with an idea to give her the selection and decision making power she wants while slightly easing my worry she’s not getting enough of a range of nutrients. The snack tray.

Veggies (peas and red pepper strips), fruit (grapes and dried cranberries), dairy (cheese), and grains (snack crackers) all in bite sized pieces. Fun, right?


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After all the drama that always is the holidays, the hubs and I decided to have an “adults night in” tonight of dinner and a movie. The hubs wanted to get Chinese food again (which would make it the third time this week), so I decided¬† to go R2 style and make my own take-out. Since it’d already been suggested, did a google search and found –Moo Shoo Noodles a la Miss Ray herself. Jman took over on the typical mommy duties – feeding B, giving her a bath, and putting her to bed, so I could handle dinner and return a few phone calls from the day (and maybe even enjoy a glass of wine!).

Now I’ve never timed myself making any of R2’s recipes so I have no idea how long it took me to make this. I also tend to be more of a “eyeball measure” cook, so while I followed the basic format and used the suggested ingredients, I did add a bit more sauce and used locally made noodles instead of plain store bought.

I know everyone has a different opinion on R2 so I’m not going to debate her personally – I’m just going to say that girl knows how to cook.¬† While I did kind of miss the rice my local restaurant generally serves with Moo Shoo Pork, the flavor was there, and using noodles (especially the quick cooking type I used) cut down the preparation time associated with making rice. If you’re a fan of Chinese Moo Shoo Pork, I definitely suggest giving this dish a try.

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